Small Business Saturday

When you buy from a small business there is something different that happens, a person jumps up and down that they made a sale, a entrepreneur knows that she can pay her staff, a company works day and night to get everything shipped out and then has beer to celebrate as a team.

Today is Small Business Saturday and we wanted to shine light on some of the small business we use and have watched grow. I want to add that we have not done any affiliate ads we just want you to have a cool list of items that you or your favorite river runner might want under the Christmas tree.

Redneck Rafter River Gear

Redneck Rafter River Gear is run by two former raft guides. They have cam straps and various bags that are made in Tennessee. Our favorite item they have is a daisy chain cam strap. The additional loops make for a great place to hold things in place on your next river trip.

They are having a 15%  sale this weekend 



LavaBoxes are portable fire boxes that are great solution for a fire in controlled environment. Whether you are on a overnight trip or in an area that does not allow open flames these are some of the "coolest" boxes around. We got to hang out with them when they were on Shark Tank! All of them are made in Colorado and the owner is a former Gauley guide. Every box they have is on sell this weekend.


Watershed Dry Bags

Watershed Dry Bags is run by a whitewater canoeist and they are some of the best waterproof bags on the market. From overnight trips to day trips on your favorite local run these bags will be a valuable addition to any river runners gear.

They are doing a 15% use the code "givethanks15"

Astral Designs

Astral designs is one of RCO biggest influence. To see how they have grown from a company where they were just selling out of the back of their truck to what they are today. We were wear their PFDs and shoes every time we get on the river. The bluejacket has an amazing pocket to store snacks in, it does make it a little harder to pull yourself back in but it's totally worth it for the mid trip snack.

They are having a 25% sale this weekend.


Rocky Mountain Rafts

Rocky Mountain Rafts now headquartered in West Virginia is a company trying to make boats that raft guides can buy! They are a small business with everyone on their staff wearing multiple hats. 

Their whole store is 15% off right now so go get that boat you have been eyeballing.


Over it Raft Covers

Over It Raft Covers are a great solution to an annoying problem. Sun is a raft's worst enemy and the tarps that walmart sell do not fit over your oar rig. That is wear Over It Raft Covers come in. They are made to fit over your set up, protecting your raft in the driveway from the sun. 

Their covers are for sale this weekend so stop by and protect your raft!


Ombraz Sunglasses

Ombraz sunglasses are cool idea to an old problem. I am on the river and I want to wear my sunglasses but I don't want to lose them if I fall out. Ombraz have a cord instead of arms and you can tighten them to your head. I have had a couple of moments where I thought I was falling out of the raft and my glasses never moved. 

They are having a sale where everything is $40 dollars off.


Livsn Design


Livsn Design is cool new clothing company out of Fayetteville, Arkansas. If you are looking for some functional clothing they are the place to look. I have been eyeballing their overalls.

They are having a big sale this weekedn with everything between 20-50% off.

I am sure we missed some cool new sales so comment and let us know below!



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