About Us

River Company Outfitters is a family run business by two brothers who grew up camping and rafting in the southeast. Our dad has been rafting since the 70’s. We then grew up on a PURPLE AIRE RAFT. The last few years he has passed the guide paddle over, the cover picture is one of our trips with some of our friends on the Ocoee River.


Dylan Penick- I first went rafting on the Hiwassee before I can remember. There’s something amazing and peaceful about being on a river. It is my happy place. I’ve been on a ton of rivers in the Southeast but hopefully soon will get to explore out West as my adventure continues. Look out for me on the Ocoee, I’ll be in a big purple raft usually in the back of it but sometimes I’ll be swimming beside it. 

Nate Penick- His first rafting trip was also on the Hiwassee. He was in the back with our dad taking a nap. He’s the artist of the family. Most of shirts and designs are done by him. He’ll also be in the purple raft. He does a better job of staying in the boat though.