The Best River Podcast

Whenever I am driving to work or I have long road trip there are a few River Podcasts that I like to listen to. Each podcast has it's own little niche in the podcast community and the topics that they cover. This list is in no order it is just the hopes that someone else who finds this doesn't have to stumble through Spotify and Instagram to get their river fix.  

Natalie Zollinger has a laundry list of guest from all over the west join her each week to discuss their life stories and how the river has changed their life. Every week I find myself learning something new about the history of the river as most of her guests have years and years of experience. She has had life long guides to business owners on their. Spencer Lacy episode was pretty interesting one because he discusses all the different crafts he used as well as growing up in a river family. But, every guest has an interesting story so next time you have a long drive to the river give this podcast a listen.

Waterbound is all about the Southeast, and West Virginia. Lifelong guide Linc and a self proclaimed some guy name Ted have great conversations that always start with what beverage they are drinking. They usually give trip updates as Ted is always on the river and Linc was probably guiding on the Cheoah, Ocoee, Chattooga, New or Gauley. Did I get all of them Linc? I really enjoy this podcast because you can tell that it is two good friends talking about their favorite topic, the river. I enjoy every episode, I would recommend scrolling through and seeing which topic interests you. 

From the Southeast to the Pacific Northwest, this podcast has Priscilla Macy, Erik Weiseth, and Zach Collier are all deep in the industry of whitewater outfitting. They have a unique perspective because the river is their livelihood. Their topics lead to great discussion that usually lead to entertaining debates with everyone on and sometimes they even have guest on to discuss specific topics. I really enjoyed the episode with Chris Davis about Wilderness Medicine but every episode I listen to I feel like I learn something new, even without a guest the wealth of knowledge on this show is great. 


Sam Carter really loves rivers, and each episode you can tell that as he interviews each unique guest. The guests have crazy stories from running the Colorado River at 100,000 CFS to skipping out on jail to hang out on the rivers for a few extra days. Sam does a great job of asking all the questions you want to ask his guests as they tell their river stories. While most of his topics are about rivers out West any river lover can enjoy these stories. My personal favorite is recorder at camp beside the river with three people who experienced the high waters of 1983 but each episode leaves me wanting to get out on the river. Also the newest episode about 

This podcast is more geared towards kayaking which makes sense for John Grace, Green River Race director, John Weld, President of IR, and Louis Geltman, a North Fork Champion get together. Sometimes their discussions get them in hot water but I enjoy their conversations and humor. They bring a lot of experiences to the table from the business side of whitewater.

Honorable Mentions

These two podcasts have great outdoor content that sometimes is about the river and sometimes it is not. But, they are both great for any one in the outdoor world.

How can someone with the name Dan Camp not have a great outdoor podcast. Dan brings a unique perspective on the outdoors as a former collegiate athlete turned river guide. His guest range from river guides to former teammates to Astral employees and each episode is started off with a fire side beverage discussion. I personally have enjoyed each guest and their perspective that they add to the outdoor world. The Astral one was interesting to learn more about what seems to be the most popular PFD company on the market. Cough cough Also the one with me on it. 
Barry Kruse is no stranger to the outdoor world. He has worked all over the world but at some point decided to trade is guide shorts for a suit and time. He has great guest who run some of the greatest outfitters in the whole world. The discussions of how to take on the task of leading a company is something that anyone in a leadership roll should listen to. His guest range from leaders in the river world to mountain guides. If you have any ambition of taking on a leadership role in the outdoors I would recommend this one as well
Let me know what you think of my list. If I missed any I would love to hear about them. Until next time, tip your guide and we hope to see you on the river. 

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