Where did River Company Outfitters come from?


My oldest memories are on the river. I first went down the Hiwassee River at 9 months, the Ocoee I was 7. I remember bits and piece of the early years, a trip here, being stuck on a rock there, a rain storm that came in when we still had half the river left. As I grew up my love for rivers never went away, it has only grown. 

Two years ago I had saved up some money and decided that I was going to try and start a company. I looked in my closet and realized in between my Braves and Falcons shirts that I had one shirt about the a river. I wanted to start a brand that would increase that, and now I pretty much only have shirts about rivers. But, I wanted it to be a great talking point for people. I had people that had known me for years and they had no idea that I went to river every weekend. It just never came up but, if you had a cool shirt maybe it could. 

As Covid rocked the world, it seemed as if everyone started to find an outdoor hobby, that is great. We want to more people on the river. The more people you can get on the river, the more people care about the river, the better rivers get treated. 

We hope to see you on the river, or the put it. 



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